Cross Chain Farming and D3 Protocol: what’s the difference?

Cross Chain Farming
4 min readDec 29, 2021

Cross Chain Farming versus D3 Protocol

Cross Chain Farming ($CCF)

Cross Chain Farming is a Farming as a Service (FaaS) protocol. The protocol deploys capital from the CCF Treasury into different farms across multiple blockchains in order to generate a yield. This yield is then used to:

  • Buyback $CCF from the open market
  • Reinvest into farming/spot positions
  • Redistribute to $CCF holders (from end of February 2022 onwards)

In more traditional terms, the $CCF token could be thought of as being similar to owning a share in an index fund. By simply buying and holding $CCF you get:

  1. exposure to all of the above activities
  2. reflections from every buy and sell of $CCF
  3. price appreciation of the $CCF token

$CCF is a passive investment instrument. You simply buy and hold $CCF tokens, the team farm on your behalf while you receive reflections and farming profits.

D3 Protocol ($DEFI)

D3 Protocol is a decentralized reserve currency for DeFi 3.0. It is an Olympus DAO ($OHM) fork with a few tweaks which include:

  • A revolutionary [] tokenomics layer
  • Automated yield algorithm linked to key treasury milestones
  • Sustainably high yields for $DEFI stakers

$DEFI will NOT be pegged to another token like USD/ETH/FTM etc.

$DEFI WILL be backed by other tokens like BUSD/BNB/CCF etc.

D3 Protocol is also a passive investment instrument to a degree, but the more sophisticated investor can also choose to take somewhat of an active approach to staking. There will be 4 ways in which to obtain the native $DEFI token:

  • By holding $CCF when the snapshot is taken, you will be airdropped $DEFI in proportion to your $CCF holdings vs the total circulating supply of $CCF at the time of the snapshot.
  • You can buy $DEFI at launch (max $600 purchase per transaction initially)
  • You will also be able to “mint” $DEFI at a discount using certain other tokens such as BNB/CCF/BUSD etc. The tokens used to mint $DEFI will be sent to the treasury and after 5 days (the retention period), you can claim your $DEFI tokens. The maximum amount available to be minted initially will be $5k per wallet
  • By single staking $DEFI from either the airdrop or after buying it from the open market

[D3 + CCF] = simple synchronicity

So now we know what D3 ($DEFI) and CCF ($CCF) both do, the question remains; how will they work together?

As mentioned, $CCF is a passive income token. This means all you have to do is buy and hold the token to reap the benefits from the farming activities of the team.

But if you want to diversify your portfolio and spread your risk, you can choose to mint $DEFI at a discount by using some of your $CCF tokens.

Example: An individual wants to keep their $CCF tokens to continually benefit from farming profit airdrops and $CCF price appreciation, but also wants exposure to an $OHM fork, such as $DEFI, that provides sustainable, high APY.

They can now have both by using either a portion of their existing $CCF tokens or buying more $CCF from the market to mint $DEFI at the best discount (other assets such as $BUSD can also be used to mint $DEFI).

The $CCF used to mint discounted $DEFI is added to the D3 treasury to back the $DEFI token and increase the floor price. It also takes the $CCF being used for the minting process out of circulation which further helps to make $CCF deflationary. After the 5 day retention period, the individual would receive their $DEFI tokens.


Below is a brief summary of the key features, differences and benefits of Cross Chain Farming and D3 Protocol

Now that you know how Cross Chain Farming and D3 Protocol function as individual protocols, how they are different, and how they work together, here is a recap of the strategies you have available to you right now:

  • Buy and hold $CCF to receive the $DEFI airdrop on a proportional basis to your $CCF holdings vs. $CCF circulating supply
  • Buy and stake $DEFI when it launches (600 BUSD transaction limit at launch to enable everyone to participate)
  • Mint and stake $DEFI when it launches (5,000 BUSD per wallet mint limit at launch to keep things fair)

For details of the tokenomics and the launch details that are available at this stage then please read the below article. The D3 Protocol launch is forecast to take place in early January, stay tuned for updates.

Team []

[] is the team behind D3 Protocol ($DEFI) and Cross Chain Farming ($CCF). Our mission is to offer a complete suite of affordable and secure DeFi 3.0 tools available to all. [] references our innovative tokenomics model applied across D3 and CCF, and is also an angel number representing completeness, prosperity, and success (👼, 👼).

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