Cross Chain Farming ($CCF) Farming Report: January 2022

Cross Chain Farming
5 min readJan 28, 2022

“A strong start to the year, with a focus on strategic partnerships, business development and most importantly, capital preservation.”

- Shunsui, COO/CIO, Cross Chain Farming

Suffice to say 2022 has not started like anyone expected. The sentiment leaned towards a slow start to January whilst institutions took on positions which would lead to a more upward trend and continuation of the bull run. However, this has not been the case and we have seen the market continue to trend downward.

With regards to the where the market is going; well, they say “the trend is your friend, until the end” so it will be a case of waiting to see when the trend ends.

Cross Chain Farming has been agile in these markets. Earlier on in January, we began the process of redistributing our portfolio so that there was a strong base of stablecoin farms which offered a great low risk solution in these current market conditions.

We de-risked from the majority of our medium and high-risk baskets, further allocating these funds to stablecoin farms.

Though the markets have been down, Cross Chain Farming has been busy building some great relationships including private seed round allocations for Inu Capital as well as the highly oversubscribed seed round for Food Farmer Finance.

On top of this, we have also managed to deploy circa $140k in additional farming funds, the majority of which was deployed towards the end of the months so will take some time to bear fruit.

We have also been busy partnering with some great projects, such as Tempo Dao. There is also currently another project we are speaking with and it is down to their community vote as to whether we get the green light. We’ll be sure to keep you posted but all we can say for now is that it’s a big one.

Returns Overview

(As of 26th January 2022)

As mentioned, the main priority for January was to de-risk as much as we can out of the medium and high basket and reallocate into the lower risk basket. We’re happy to report this has been achieved to a tremendous degree with the low risk allocation basket making up just over 70% of our portfolio.

To date, we have deployed just over $340,000 across Fantom, Ethereum, Solana, MoonRiver, Terra and Binance Smart Chain with $140k of this amount being deployed in January alone.

The month of January for the overall crypto market has been far from ideal. With the Total Crypto Market Cap down approximately 25% and with BTC down approximately 22%, times are tough for most farmers.

However, Cross Chain Farming has a robust team of agile and knowledgeable farmers who are ready to react to any and all market conditions and we are happy to report that CCF has once again had a profitable month with a 4% return on deployed capital.

This means CCF has outperformed the Total Crypto Market by 29% and BTC by 26%.

Dividend Distributions

As those who have been reading our Medium articles are aware, we mentioned that we would look to distribute the first of our dividends at the end of February/beginning of March 2022.

The reason for this was to allow us to firstly compound our farming capital in December 2021 so we could go into January 2022 with as much capital as possible. Secondly, we could then focus on building partnerships to compound the deployed capital even more through additional investments during January 2022.

As you can see, we have been successful in doing this and with a number of business developmental opportunities in the pipeline for February, we are hopeful we will succeed in doing so again.

As such, and with great pleasure, we are happy to announce that we have so far ring-fenced just over $16,500 in stablecoins for the dividend airdrop.

In addition to this already ring-fenced amount, we will also add the majority of the February 2022 farming profits to the dividend distribution pool with a view to airdrop to eligible CCF holders towards the end of February/early March 2022.

Further details on eligibility for the airdrop will be shared closer to the time but the more $CCF you own and hold long term versus the adjusted total supply, the more dividend you’ll be eligible to receive.

Final Thoughts

With the markets exhibiting a down trend, it is imperative now more than ever that our focus be on capital preservation. The majority of stable farm yields have taken a massive hit due to many individuals seeking refuge in these tumultuous times within stablecoin farms.

However, our team will continue to look for the best strategies to continue preserving capital and making a positive return on deployed capital as the months go on regardless of the market sentiment.

In addition, with the successful launch of D3 Protocol and partnerships formed this month, we are certain we are on the right track to creating a truly exceptional DeFi 3.0 ecosystem.

Thank you again to our entire community for the continued support and we look forward to speaking with you more on our social channels.

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