Cross Chain Farming: farming report (December 2021)


Returns overview



Deep dive

1. Low risk/volatility

2. Medium risk/volatility

  • Fantom — Tomb ($TOMB)
  1. Convert them into FTM/TOMB to further bolster our LP position
  2. Convert half to FTM and add to the TSHARE/FTM LP
  3. Stake TSHAREs for TOMB in the Masonry
  4. Sell the TSHAREs for stablecoin for other operations
  • Avalanche — Wonderland ($TIME)
  • Polygon — Klima DAO ($KLIMA)

3. High risk/volatility

  • Binance Smart Chain — Jade Protocol ($JADE)
  • Ethereum — Redacted Cartel ($BTRFLY)

Final Thoughts

Team []

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Cross Chain Farming:

D3 Protocol:



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Cross Chain Farming

The first cross chain DeFi Farming-as-a-Service (FaaS) DAO on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Buy and hold $CCF, we farm, you profit.