Introducing DeFi 3.0 — Cross Chain Farming

$CCF v2 — A Successful Migration To Deflationary Farming as a Service Token

The DeFi 3.0 Farming-as-a-Service trend has taken the crypto world by storm. It has made the rapidly evolving, complex world of high yield cross chain farming available to all in a simple and cost-effective manner.

BUT with innovation comes many challenges. We are all aware of the inflationary issue coded into the original FaaS contract — this has given CCF a great opportunity to innovate and set ourselves apart as a totally unique FaaS token that will be well positioned to lead the movement.

Our solution was to migrate to a v2 contract with innovative tokenomics that will set the standard for DeFi 3.0 and make our token deflationary.

We previously paused trading on our v1 token and took a snapshot of all our 3,671 holder addresses. We then migrated all holders from v1 to v2 of the contract via a seamless airdrop on a 1:1 basis including all up-to-date reflections!

We migrated from the v1 token because of an inflation bug — though the max supply had initially been set to 1 trillion, the inflation had caused the max supply to be closer to 1.7 trillion at the time of the snapshot. As such we decided to pause trading, rework the contract into v2 to make it deflationary and relaunch.

The v2 CCF token was airdropped to your wallet at a 1:1 ratio as per the snapshot. You will need to add this new token to your wallet. The v2 contract address you will need to use is:


The chart can be found here —

Further instructions will be posted on Twitter and Telegram as to what you will need to do with your v1 tokens and when.

The total supply of the v2 contact is now 2 trillion — but approximately 300 billion are sent to a burn address so that the max supply of v2 is equal to the max circulating supply of tokens taken from the v1 snapshot which is approximately 1.7 trillion tokens. The tokens sent to the burn address will also be accumulating reflections which will further add to the deflationary nature of the token.

In order to ensure the price of the token does not suffer, the equivalent liquidity which was locked on our v1 contract will be added to the v2 liquidity pool.

Please note that the market cap displayed on Dextools/Poocoin will be taking into account the 2 trillion max supply, so they will be incorrect

BUT DON’T WORRY, we’ve also allocated a significant portion of our funds to marketing as well and have signed a significant marketing partnership to be announced shortly.

In addition, once trading has commenced on the v2 contract, we will also be asking holders to send back the v1 tokens to a specific address which will be announced later on. This will allow us to drain the liquidity from the v1 liquidity pool as much as possible and allocate these funds back into the marketing wallet. As always, the transactions to verify this will be shared with the community once done.

Our new contract has also been fully audited and confirmed as non-inflationary making us one of the only cross-chain farming projects to have a fully audited security guarantee on our contract.

We are also taking this opportunity to shape the future of the DeFi 3.0 movement with totally unique tokenomics that set us apart from the competition.

We are no longer a direct MCC fork as our giga-brain dev, Rago, has added new interfaces and functions to improve on the original contract, aside from making it deflationary.

From now on every buy and sell transaction will be liable to a 12% tax:

· 2% is burned and 1% is added back to liquidity

· 3% is reflected to holders

· 3% goes to farming (DAO)

· 3% to marketing

This is mirrored on both buys and sells so you’ll always be getting reflections.

The burn wallet will ensure we are always deflationary.

The DAO and marketing wallet will grow with every transaction.

The [] model is the solid foundation on which to build DeFi 3.0, with every transaction supporting and growing a unique part of our ecosystem.

· Deflationary: burning keeps us deflationary forever

· Rewards holders: holders get reflections on buys and sells

· Supports price and liquidity: farming profits used for buy-backs, and added to LP

· Promotes growth: a portion of all transactions dedicated to marketing

MCC started a great trend with DeFi 3.0 FaaS and we are grateful to them for pushing us to innovate. As you can see, we are already going beyond the initial concept and creating a new blueprint for DeFi 3.0.

In addition to the above we’re also continuing to roll out our roadmap.

Our farming is currently live across Avax, Fantom and Polygon, and already generating profits for buy backs.

We’ve already launched our asset management spot portfolio — currently a portion of the DAO wallet is allocated to this with a view to loop back the profits into dividends for $CCF holders and the core farming fund. This is a long-term strategy but we were able to take some positions in fundamentally strong coins yesterday during the dip.

So, as you can see, though we are just getting started on our DeFi 3.0 journey, we have made great strides in innovation and differentiating ourselves from others.

We believe this is just the beginning and can’t wait to grow this market leading project and our amazing community!




Chart and details:

Trading: (import CCF token for trading: 0x7f9528b913a99989b88104b633d531241591a358 and set slippage to 15%)




The first cross chain DeFi Farming-as-a-Service (FaaS) DAO on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Buy and hold $CCF, we farm, you profit.

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Cross Chain Farming

Cross Chain Farming

The first cross chain DeFi Farming-as-a-Service (FaaS) DAO on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Buy and hold $CCF, we farm, you profit.

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