Tempo DAO Strategic Investment in, and Partnership With Cross Chain Farming

Cross Chain Farming
4 min readJan 24, 2022

Cross Chain Farming ($CCF) is excited to announce our strategic partnership with Tempo DAO ($TEMPO). The Tempo DAO community voted nearly unanimously to approve an investment of $50,000 into Cross Chain Farming.

After close deliberations with the Tempo DAO team, it was decided that both the projects would benefit from partnering on a strategic level past the initial investment to further explore synergies.

Join both teams for community AMAs in the coming weeks. Tempo DAO AMA: 31 January 2022 at 16:00 UTC on Twitter Spaces. Cross Chain Farming AMA: 7 February 2022 at 16:00 UTC on Twitter Spaces

What is Tempo DAO?

Tempo DAO is an up-and-coming gaming DAO on Avalanche. Their goal is to become a fully-fledged decentralized and community-led Play-to-Earn gaming platform for games across several blockchains. Currently, Tempo DAO has three games under active development.

The team’s main efforts are centered around the development of their MMORPG game called Project Lazarus, which will incorporate NFTs in a space metaverse. In addition, the alpha for their first game, Battle of Olympus, a Greek mythology fighter game inspired by Tekken, is due to be launched in the coming weeks. Lastly, they are also working on mini-games, such as Coin Flip, to allow people an easy way to earn while they play.

In addition to this, they aim to build an ecosystem that promotes, supports, and incentivizes playing and earning for TEMPO token holders.

What Excites Cross Chain Farming About This Partnership

This partnership with Tempo DAO marks the first sizable investment from a DAO. Our vision has always been to be chain agnostic, and this partnership helps us strengthen that goal further. We look forward to generating great returns for Tempo DAO.

Tempo DAO helps us to tap into the gaming and NFT projects on Avalanche. Through Tempo DAO, we get exposure to early investment opportunities for NFTs and gaming projects. This could be for the games they are building or the projects that they partner with.

Mutual Benefits for Cross Chain Farming and Tempo Dao

Pooling of Intellectual Resources

This partnership allows us to pool resources of varied skill sets. While CCF can access the gaming and NFT expertise of Tempo DAO, Tempo DAO gets access to our expertise on Defi 3.0. This facilitates easy cross consultations whenever the need arises.

Value and Utility for Both Sides

Providing utility to our holders has been the core for Cross Chain Farming, Tempo DAO also strives at being a utility focused project. This partnership allows us to explore additional means to provide utility to holders of both projects. It could be by adding a farming feature to their games or by adding a gamification aspect to our farming project, the possibilities here are endless.

A Bright Future for Both Projects

We are extremely grateful to the Tempo DAO team for their faith in us. We both went through a rigorous due diligence process with the founders of both projects doxxed to one another. It was clear to us that Tempo DAO shared our vision of collaborating only with best in class projects for the greater good of the entire DeFi ecosystem.

The Tempo DAO treasury will not only benefit from any future price appreciation of the CCF token, but also from ongoing reflections and farming dividends. In return we will gain access to their expertise in the gaming and NFT space, enabling us to add additional, innovative new investments and revenue streams to the Cross Chain Farming portfolio.

About 4dot

4dot offers a full suite of DeFi 3.0 products; currently comprised of D3 Protocol ($DEFI), and Cross Chain Farming ($CCF). Our mission is to offer simple, affordable and secure access to DeFi for all. Full service DeFi made easy; buy, hold, earn.


D3 Protocol:

A DeFi 3.0 Staking-as-a-Service (STaaS) protocol. Earn from an auto-investing and auto-compounding treasury.


Cross Chain Farming:

A DeFi 3.0 Farming-as-a-Service (FaaS) protocol. Earn via a protocol managed yield farming treasury.


About Tempo DAO

Tempo DAO ($TEMPO) aims to build a gaming ecosystem for gaming on Avalanche. They are building games in-house and intend to be an umbrella for all games on Avalanche. The goal is to incentivize investors of other games by having $TEMPO as the base currency. The team has experience of over 15-years in building and shipping real-time products.




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